Cop winding

Cop winding: the first of the twisting phases

Cop winding is the first of the twisting phases. Cop winding is used to collect the yarn on a package that can be processed in the twisting phase.

Twisting is a process carried out in the production of threads. The twisting machine twists by making a bundle of yarns or one or more filaments rotate on itself. The twisting can be Z or S according to the direction of rotation, which can be left or right and gives shape to helidoidal coils.

  • Z twist: the coils have an ascending direction to the right
  • S twist: the coils have an ascending direction to the left

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During cop winding the filament is passed from a package that usually has a weight between 900 grams and 15 kg to the cop, or to the flaged bobbin or bottles.

The cop is the support for filament that is used on Two-for-One twisting machines, the flanged bobbin is a support with lower and upper flange of equal diameter and is used in two-stage twisting (combination twisters) or on fancy twisters. with hollow spindle, the bottle is a support with a lower flange having a larger diameter than the upper one and is usually used on fancy twisters with hollow spindle.

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Cop winders

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