Drawing textile fibers

Drawing is one of the phases of the combing cycle which serves to clean the slivers of animal fibers (wool, alpaca, cashmere, etc.) from vegetable impurities. The drawing in the combing cycle will allow to couple more slivers in order to regularize the weight, while in the spinning, the drawing is the operation following the re-combing, and its function, in addition to coupling more slivers in order to regularize the weight , is to reduce the weight of the sliver until it reaches the production of a roving (sliver weighing less than 1.5 grams / meter).

An initially carded sliver is stretched and then thinned, by means of the machines known as drawing frames.

We at Officine Gaudino produce excellent drawing frames for yarn processing.

The slivers obtained after carding in combing are by nature irregular, with drawing it is possible to obtain a general uniformity. This occurs thanks to the overlapping phase of the slivers coming from the card, so as to compensate for the various irregularities of the individual slivers. Generally, to achieve this uniformity and compensate for physical variables, 4 to 12 slivers are coupled as they pass through the drawing process.

What is the drawing for

Drawing is used to mix and regularize the fibers belonging to different batches to make them uniform. For example, with the drawing it is possible to combine synthetic fibers such as acrylic or polyester with natural fibers in order to obtain a sliver that can reach, with the spinning, the necessary count.

We at Officine Gaudino have several drawing frames that can be equipped with various automatisms:

  • SD14 / CD14, a drawing frame with fallers driven by screws or chains
  • SD14 / CD14, a drawing frame with fallers driven by screws or chains with Bump Press delivery
  • MH17/E24, a drawing frame with elastic draft head as 4th passage of preparation for spinning
  • VRF19/A-B, an automatic vertical roving frame

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