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Officine Gaudino, italian textile machinery producer

Our company, Officine Gaudino, was born in the 1920s in the heart of the Biella textile industry.

The plant in which we work has an area of ​​over 16,000 square meters on which all phases of the production cycle of textile machines take place from design to production and testing.

We produce spinning machines and spinning preparation machines, woolen, worsted and semi-worsted spinning machines, twisting machines also fancy twisters, assembly twisters, combination twisters, cop winding machines.

We have international experience in the production of machines for spinning cashmere, wool, alpaca, acrylic, nylon, polyester, PP, carbon fiber, vinyl; in the twisting of threads of various compositions, monofilaments, aramid fibers, glass fibers, dyneema, PA and PES filaments, and others.

There are two mechanical technical offices: one dedicated to the design of machinery such as twisting machines, cops winding machines, drawing frames and lately for the project of the new wool combing machine, another dedicated exclusively to spinning machinery and the finisher.

The mechanical engineering offices are focused on the development of new technologies for modern machines and on the constant development and updating of existing ones.

Our company can boast a production department that uses the most advanced technologies, a continuous dialogue with customers and an eye that is always attentive to grasp the changes in the reference market, follow its evolutions and propose solutions and mechanical constructions that are always adequate.

Our solutions for the textile industry can be customized

To complete the design line, our electronic technical office ensures the successful execution of the projects and is constantly engaged in the search for new products aimed at sustainability and energy saving, themes at the heart of Officine Gaudino.

Inside the plant, both mechanical and electrical assembly and testing are carried out, an approach that allows for better control of the quality and delivery times of the machinery.

Finally, our company has a wide range of spare parts for the textile machinery of our production.

Our machines are present all over the world with a widespread sales network that guarantees an adequate service to our customers for the sale, assistance and purchase of spare parts.

Discover our history, we have been in the heart of the textile industry since the 1920s.

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