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Lema Lezzeni machines production

Since January 2009, the production of the historic company Lema Lezzeni has been resumed by Officine Gaudino and a new line of twisting machines has therefore been formed.

The machines of the BR line are machines that combine the processes of doubling and twisting or the assembly twisting, while the machines of the TBR line are combination twisting machines that combine three processes such as the twisting of a single filament, the coupling and the phase of final twisting in a single process.

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The feeding lever by lema lezzeni

In the Lema Lezzeni line of ring twisters, the feeding device is formed by two cylinders driven by gears or by clutch, on which the threads that run on the surface of the cylinders are wound in order to guarantee the exact length of each single thread.

In the event that a single thread breaks, the spindle and cylinders driven by corresponding gears or clutch stop. For threads weighing less than 1500 Dtex there is a version in which in case the single thread breaks, the other threads being fed are cut and the corresponding spindle stops.

The drive of the feed lever in the lema lezzeni system

The photos below show the drive of the feed levers during coupling in the standard version (with gears) and in the versions with friction feed for doubling and twisting with high feed speeds at low twists (minimum 15 TPM).

The control of the first twisting spindles of the TBR models is always carried out with a tangential system. The control of the latest twist spindles of both BR and TBR models can be with a tangential system or, in the versions starting from the spindle gauge of 240 mm, with a single motor for each spindle.

The tangential belt drive of the spindles and the drive of the spindles with individual motor

The assembly ring twisters or the combination twisters of the Lema Lezzeni line, the spindles could be driven either by means of a tangential belt or by means of a motor for each spindle (and a motor for the 2 or 3 spindles of the top deck of combination twisters).

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