Carbon spinning

Machinery for carbon spinning

Carbon fiber spinning is used to make yarns that have great mechanical strength, high electrical transmission and the ability to thermally insulate. All this in addition to the outstanding resistance to thermal shocks and the effect of chemical agents.

Good flame retardant properties are also typical of carbon yarn, also known as technical yarn.

At Officine Gaudino we also produce spinning machines for the spinning of oxidized fibers, such as kevlar, and carbon, as well as assembly winders for yarns made of these fibers.

When it comes to spinning machines for carbon spinning, due to the difficulty in using these fibers on electronic machines such as the automatic winder, it is ideal to use an assembly winder with feeding from bobbins of yarn coming directly from the spinning machine.

The models we have available are:

  • FPK/CARBON a single sided single or double draft ring spinning frame

These spinning machines are usually fed by ribbons coming directly from the stretch-breaking machine (carbon fiber) or from preparation steps for spinning (preox fibers)

  • BR-H an assembly twister

Carbon fiber

There is a particularity about carbon fiber that is very interesting: often, the term “carbon fiber” is used incorrectly to refer to a composite material of which carbon fiber is only one of the components!

In the science and technology of materials, carbon fiber is a filiform material made with the carbonization of acrylic or tar fibers and used in the design of many composite materials.

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