Machines for preparation for worsted spinning

Our machines for preparation for worsted spinning

The preparation machines for worsted spinning take care of cleaning and blending the fibers in form of a sliver that is refined until it becomes a roving to be fed to the worsted spinning machine.

In the process of preparing the roving, the slivers are coupled and stretched several times to ensure uniformity in the linear weight of the final roving.

The spinning process is that set of processes that have the task of transforming a raw fiber into a yarn.

The yarn is used in the production of men’s or women’s clothing, in the production of upholstery, carpets or other fabrics and must have certain qualitative technical characteristics such as uniformity of weight, good resistance and elasticity.

It is for this reason that the preparation phase for worsted spinning is really essential.

We at Officine Gaudino are among the few in the world that can boast the production of preparation machines for worsted and semi-worsted spinning.

Within the wide range of models we have available, you can find drawing frames with draft head with fallers driven by screws (SD14) or chains (CD14), but also with elastic draft head for very fine yarns (MH17/E) .

In addition to these models, we have a new vertical finisher and we are studying a wool combing machine for the re-combing phase!

The models available are:

  • SD14-CD14 a drawing frame with fallers driven by screws or chains
  • SD14 -CD14 a drawing frame with fallers driven by screws or chains with Bump Press delvery
  • MH17/E24 a drawing frame as 4th passage preparation for worsted spinning for fine yarn counts
  • VRF19/A-B an automatic vertical roving frame

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