Ring spinning frames for semi-worsted spinning

Our ring spinning frames for semi-worsted spinning

The worsted and woolen spinning are two classic spinning systems in the processing of wool. The semi-worsted spinning deals with the fibers that are usually processed in worsted spinning, but which usually have a count lower than Nm 12 and which are fed to the spinning machine in the form of a roving or sliver.

The spinning machines used in semi-worsted spinning mainly process wool-cut fibers with the aim of obtaining a bulkier yarn than that obtainable from worsted spinning.

We at Officine Gaudino are the largest producers in the world of spinning machines for semi-worsted spinning.

Our company has a wide range of models suitable for any type of yarn and structure, as well as an equally wide range of models for spinning in general.

Furthermore, Officine Gaudino offers you the opportunity to equip each spinning machine with different automatisms, such as the automatic doffing of the bobbins with a device for automatically cleaning the underwind coils, the automatic tube loader for the automatic doffing device.

The models that we can offer you regarding semi-worsted spinning are:

  • FPK03 a single sided ring spinning frame fed by spinning cans for the spun yarn count range Nm 1 – Nm 12;
  • FPT03/FPTB03 a double sided ring spinning frame fed by roving bobbins for the spun yarn count range Nm 5 – Nm 20

To date, in the preparation for semi-worsted wool spinning, the sector most involved in semi-worsted spinning machines is that for the production of yarns for hand-knitting or the carpet industry.

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