Wool combing

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Worsted yarns are particular types of yarns composed of fibers of animal origin (wool, cashmere, alpaca, etc.). In order for these animal fibers to be spun it is necessary to subject them to a preventive preparation process, the first phase of which is combing.

In combing the raw material is subjected to a procedure to clean the fibers, separate those that are too short and make the fibers more homogeneous and parallel.

As you proceed with the combing, the minor fibers are automatically discarded. Finally, another reason why wool is combed is to eliminate impurities on the yarn, making it as smooth and soft to the touch as possible.

Wool combing

Wool combing

In the past wool used to be combed entirely by hand. This operation was carried out with the aid of two opposing combs, which were characterized by a metal toothing.

With these, the person who carried out this task meticulously separated the longer fibers from the shorter ones, until obtaining a fiber free of knots and impurities.

We at Officine Gaudino are among the few producers of drawing frames for combing wool and short-cut linen in the world.

We have a wide range of models of drawing frames with ironing head with bars controlled by head screws (SD14) or by chains (CD14).

To these will soon be added a new straight-line combing machine model for wool currently in the final stage of production, but which has already received approval for both Italian and European patents.

The models available are:

  • SD14 / CD14 = drawing frames with fallers driven by screw or chains

The wool combing machine

Our research has allowed the creation of a new combing machine.

It is a machine to be used both in the combing line and in the re-combing line and will be available in the market from 2024.

Thanks to a combing machine it is possible to remove all vegetable waste and shorter fibers from the fiber. The product obtained with this machine is called combed top.

The combed tops, to carry out the subsequent processing, is normally coupled several times. This next process is drawing.

Discover our machines for preparation for worsted spinning.

Officine Gaudino are developing a new wool combing machine model that will be available to the market starting from 2024.

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