The design according to officine gaudino

The design of the textile machinery that will be used in textile production and automation is very delicate. This is why you can rely on those who always aim for excellence and always maintain high quality standards.

We at Officine Gaudino are always constantly looking for new improvements for the production and design of our textile machines.

It is precisely for this purpose that there are two offices dedicated to research and development which have the task of studying the release of the new products.

We at officine gaudino can define ourselves as true suppliers of textile plants also because in recent years, despite the pandemic from covid-19, several new models have been put into production:

  • the combination twister model tbr/delta electron
  • the vertical roving frame for worsted spinning
  • a new model of woolen ring spinning frame for finecounts, model FST20, to be linked with an automatic winder with the peg-tray system

But the dedication to the design of textile machines that always maintain high quality standards does not end there! Two new prototype wool combing machines will see the light in the course of 2023 and in the course of 2021 3 italian patents were granted to officine gaudino and in the first quarter of 2022 another two european patents were granted.

It is obvious that in order to always allow high standards of production quality and delivery services and after-sales assistance, it is necessary to have important company resources, especially in mechanical-textile engineering.

At officine gaudio, to date, we can propose and design textile machinery for:

Each of which provides different sub-categories of more specific machinery to meet the needs of each textile manufacturer.

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