Twisting machines

Officine Gaudino produces Ring Twisters in its Lema Lezzeni division.

All the ring twisters of the LEMA LEZZENI division are controlled by an electronic head-stock, all twisting parameters are set on a touch-screen panel.

The ring twisters of the LEMA LEZZENI division are assembly twisters or combination twisters.

Assembly twisting is the processing phase that follows spinning.

The purpose of the assembly twisting is to couple and twist several yarns together from a minimum of 2 to 12.

As for the combination twisters (twister-Double-Twister) Officine Gaudino have a wide range of models useful for specific processes, such as sewing threads, automotive or fishing threads, or fiberglass threads.

The models we can offer you are the best on the market in terms of quality, efficiency and efficiency and are:

  • BR¬†¬†assembly ring twister
  • TBR combination twister

Twisting machines

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